Friday, February 18

I'm crushing on...

One of my fave blogs, Eighteen25, is having a "Crush Week". Fun idea!

They inspired me to share a few of my crushes with you.

My Main Crush...

Ma famille

My daughter and twin boys

My Blog Crush...

Photo Credits to Nesting Place

My Dream Job Crush
Seasonal Window Designer
Anthropologie Rockefeller Plaza, NY!

My Clothing Crush...

And bonus: it's a Canadian company!

My Make Up / Skin Care Crush(es)...

No. 7Protect & Perfect Serum
Lise Watier Miracle Primer

 My Movie Crush...
13 Going on 30

An oldie but still one of my faves, especially the Thriller scene!

   My Shopping Crush...

My Jewelery Crush...

I'm working on filling out my bracelet with lots of aqua just like this one! Swoon.

My Male Celebrity Crush...

I mean really?!? Mc Dreamy with twin boys?  Seriously crushing!

  My Perfume Crush
Fruits & Passions
Pear and Peony

What kinds of things are you crushing on these days?

I'm linking this post up in the comments over at Eighteen25.

Until next time, happy decorating crushing!



Blogger Jen@eighteen25 said...

yes... mcdreamy. yummy. :)
and i'm pretty sure 13 going on 30 is one of my sister jamie's most favorite movies. haha.
and i'm right there with ya on the nester!
that was so fun to read.
jen :)

February 18, 2011 at 9:34 AM  

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