Sunday, February 27

Gallery Walls: Inspiration!

I LOVE gallery walls.

I have fallen in love with (and purchased) a lot of different wall art along the way. The problem is that I am running out of wall space! My new home is open concept, so spots for hanging art are limited.

I like the idea that gallery walls allow you to display several pieces on one wall. You can express yourself and your home's personality without having to commit to any one piece of artwork.

I also love living with things that are personally meaningful, like family photos and souvenirs from our travels. Sometimes this stuff starts to feel like clutter; but on a nicely organized gallery wall, these miscellaneous items suddenly feel more orderly - like a collection.

This wall from Nesting Place is one of my personal favorites. I know, I know, I keep harping on about it. But I just love how in incorporates so many meaningful items - family photos, family silhouettes, subway art and the 'M' monogram. And the chalkboard in the fancy white frame seals the deal.  I just love how whimsical it is.

Photo credits to Nesting Place
 Until recently, I'd been afraid of trying a gallery wall in my own home. I didn't think I could achieve the same look I'd seen in magazines. I assumed that there must be some secret formula to getting that perfectly imperfect look - too much math and measuring for me! (I'm not really one for the "measure twice, cut once" theory; I usually dive right in!) But the more gallery walls I've seen, the more I realized that there is no special code. It simply comes down to creativity.

It's actually a fun process! I recently created a gallery wall in my daughter's room. And, right now, I'm working in one in my living room.

Here's some pictures of gallery walls I've been collecting recently. I love how different they all are. They prove that, when it comes to creating a gallery wall, your imagination (and a hammer) is pretty much all you need.

Just click on Photo Galleries below.

Until next time, happy decorating!

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Blogger Karen said...

Gallery walls look really cool. Have fun with it!

February 28, 2011 at 12:14 AM  
Anonymous Sharon @ Decorating is Bliss said...

I love Gallery Walls too!! I am in the process of putting one up in my formal living room...I have learned through this process that I am a "symetrical girl". I really struggle with randomness...oh well, it's a work in progress! I like the way yours turned out!

March 31, 2011 at 2:09 PM  

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